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Discover Nightmist

Nightmist was the original name for Planet Fall, the name remained in place during the period of time when the tracks 'Alone', 'Void Walker' and 'Continue' were being made, when the fourth track, 'The Launch' was created in 2009, the name was switched to Planet Fall and it has remained as such to this day.

For years the Nightmist name has been little more than a footnote in the history of Planet Fall, the briefest of mention found only in our description/about sections on ReverbNation and Facebook. As of the beginning of 2021, twelve or so years later, the name has re-emerged from the darkness and taken on a new form, one that will hopefully last.

The plan for the reinvented Nightmist is simple, where Planet Fall's main emphasis has largely been on creating electronica with a sci-fi flair, Nightmist will focus for the timebeing on metal with an epic gothic/fantasy twist.

In the section above right, you will find a music player with the current Nightmist tracks that are available via SoundCloud. In the near future it is hoped that more tracks will added.

Beyond SoundCloud, all Nightmist tracks can currently be found on ReverbNation, Youtube, Bandcamp, Deezer and Spotify. If you wish to support us by purchasing one of the tracks you can do so via Bandcamp and ReverbNation. If you do decide to buy one of our tracks or an album, we would currently recommend doing so via Bandcamp as the sound files are of a higher bitrate than on ReverbNation.