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The Original Three

So as you will no doubt have seen if you've ever read the about page/description on Facebook, Youtube, ReverbNation, SoundCloud or even this website, Planet Fall started out under the name Nightmist, back then I created three tracks, 'Alone', 'Void Walker' and 'Continue' and these would later appear as the final three tracks on what is now the first album.

If you listen to these tracks and then listen to any of the other four from the first album, they are quite different. The first difference is that they were created using different software, the second difference is that in the first three tracks, each audio sample is present in only one layer where as in later tracks, I tended to use between two and four layers of each sound as it made the tracks much clearer. The final difference is that these three tracks were heavily modified in Adobe Soundbooth with extensive use of effects to increase the loudness, add distortion and to emphasise certain sounds over others but after these three tracks were created, I tended to do this to a lesser extent. Until recently I thought the original unmastered files were lost to time/history but I found them on an old laptop so I can potentially remaster them, which is something I am considering doing as I have more experience now with Soundbooth and I believe I could improve these tracks, especially "Alone" and "Void Walker" which are the worst sounding of all my track in regards to sound quality.

Anyway so onto the original three tracks and what I can say about them individually.


Back in late 2008 when I first made this track, I had spent very little time working with music arrangement software and it was my first time playing around with Soundbooth so I think that shows in this and the other two tracks that immediately followed.

The idea behind the track, the inspiration, was the video game Streets of Rage on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis for the US readers). I wanted to make a track that wouldn't sound out of place as level music in the game. The basic tune repeats throughout most of the track much like how the game level music is largely repetitive, but towards the end, things change up and become more dramatic, much like how the game would go from the normal scrolling beat 'em up style level  to the more static boss fights at the end.

Generally speaking, I like this track in terms of the beat and tune but my only issue with it is to do with the quality of the mastering, but this was an attempt to make the track more pronounced due to it being very quiet in it's unedited form.

"Void Walker"

This track didn't really have a specific inspiration like the first track but it was more a case of seeing what I could do. The name of the track might seem a little random, but I thought of the track being about a person who travels between dimensions, the main tune appears three times in the track and there are two sections in between that are a little weird and could be the inter-dimensional travel. Back when these three tracks were created, there was no recurring theme to the music so these tracks have little to no relation to each other or later ones. Currently, one of the main things I don't like about the track is the level of distortion, but when I made it, that part was intentional to make it more in your face and grating, looking to the original file which lacks the distortion, I could remaster in a different way it but I'm not sure what I would change this time around.


The final of the original three is "Continue". For a long time, this was one of my least favourite tracks overall, but at the same time, contained one of my favourite sections from any of the tracks that I've made, that section in question is the end of the track, the last one minute and twelve seconds. My main gripe about this track is that until the end, the track is rather repetitive, though in recent weeks I've found that I do quite like the earlier part, even if it is repetitive, I just wish I'd added a bit more variance in it other than just in the vocal part.

So that's a little bit about the earliest tracks, in time I'll try to talk about the rest.

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