Planet Fall

The First Album

Magnetic Levitation

So as you know, because I've repeated it numerous times across this site and our profiles around the web, three tracks were created under the name of Nightmist and these later became the last three tracks on the self-titled Planet Fall album, my first album. Originally however, before switching the name from Nightmist to Planet Fall, the album was intended to be called "Magnetic Levitation" and even after the switch, the album name stuck around for a while, before eventually being named "Planet Fall", though if you look on our Youtube channel, I believe there are traces of the original album name in the artwork.


Change of Name/Change of Theme

Prior to becoming Planet Fall, there was no real theme to the music, it was only with the creation of the track "The Launch" that I adopted the sci-fi theme, the theme continues throughout our music, though there is a certain amount of context to the music that only I know about, though this blog I am aiming to pass on a little of that context.

So what is our music about? What is the context?

In the time that I have been creating the Planet Fall / Nightmist music, I have also trying to create my own science fiction universe. That might sound like a tall order and it is to be honest, It's all unpublished and nowhere near finished despite the fact that I have been working on it for over a decade. This sci-fi universe started out when I created a series of eight short films using a video game called "The Movies". I found that there were certain things that I wanted to do in the films, certain scenes, stories that I wanted to tell that were just not feasible within the framework of the game that allowed you to make them, so I started writing down my ideas. Eventually I thought about turning the films in short-stories and then using my other ideas to expand the overall story. In the end I realised that I could use the written format to do literally anything I wanted and at that point things started getting tough, I simply had too many ideas and what was originally going to be the eight short films to be turned into short-stories with a couple of new stories added in, is now twenty two stories. Many of the stories are still just concepts and are yet to be written but a couple are complete and a number of them are quite far in, to the point that they're more novellas than simply short-stories.

So where does the music come in?

If you ignore the last three tracks from the first album, the music is about a ship launched from Earth, the ship is called the A.N.V. Reverence, it's roughly akin to say the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek, going out and exploring deep space. Within my sci-fi universe, the ship and it's journey comes from a story idea I had that has yet to be written into anything meaningful. The basic premise for the story is that Earth sends out a ship to explore the Triangulum galaxy and the music represents that journey and some of the events that take place along the way.

The first track represents the ships launch, naturally so given the name of the track is called "The Launch" (I'm not so good at picking names for tracks). After the launch of the vessel, the second track, called "The Journey" represents... you guessed it, the journey of the ship as it heads away from Earth. "New Worlds" is the third track, this represents the vessel exploring planets along the way to where it's going. Within the context of my sci-fi universe, the planet in the third track was just some unnamed world on the edge of Earth's territory, I never put a lot of thought into the details of the track other than it was somewhere just outside of Earth's space. The final track is "Reverence", this is simply to represent the ship as it ventures out into the great unknown.

The story of the A.N.V. Reverence continues in the second album "Next Level" which I will talk about in my next blog post.

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