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Starting Out

So how did I first get started with Planet Fall?

As you may have seen either on this site or on one of our profiles around the web, I created the first track back in 2008. The track was called 'Alone' and I released it on Youtube under the name of Nightmist. Early in 2009 two more tracks followed under the Nightmist name and later that year a whole album came about and the name changed to Planet Fall. That was the start of Planet Fall as it is now, but it was not how I got into making electronic music, that story lies years earlier when I was at school.

I was never musically gifted, I hated music lessons, I was not very good at playing any instruments though I did attempt learning a few over the years, I played the recorder a little at school, not sure how I was talked into doing that but I was, later in life I bought a keyboard and two guitars (one bass and the other a normal electric one) I had a go with all of them but I just don't have the patience to stick with things like that so they never lead anywhere. What I did like doing however, was playing around with a little piece of software called Ejay.

Back in school, I was given a CD at some point and it had a demo of Ejay on it. Back then I never made anything remotely palatable to the human ear but I did like the freedom to make whatever I wanted with it (within the confines of the types of music you can actually make with Ejay).

Later on I bought several more up to date versions of Ejay, tried similar music arrangement software from other companies and extra sound packs and here we are today, still going, albeit with some sizable gaps in the releases.

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