Planet Fall

Phase-III Engage!

The first album "Planet Fall" was started late in 2008 and finished in 2009, the second album "Next Level" started out in 2010 and was completed in 2011. This album, "Phase-III Engage!" was not created until 2018, a good number of years later. For those years in between releases, I had lost interest in making new music but on a whim I went back to my old software and came up with two new tracks, they were released onto Youtube at the time but that was it until 2021 when I found a completed but rejected track and a partially complete one. I decided to quickly finish the incomplete one and then released both onto the various sites that our music can be found.

"Renew" is the first track on this album, the track doesn't really offer anything particularly new but represents my own renewed, albeit briefly, interest in making music. This track doesn't really have much relation to the story that I was trying to convey with the earlier music, other than that the mission is still on, kind of like how a TV show might get renewed for another season.

"Refresh" is probably my favourite track from this album, it is the closest to my earlier work that this album gets and it even incorporates a few samples that I used in earlier tracks. The idea behind this track is not to offer something new and refreshing but instead treats the name as being like when you hit the refresh button on a website and it reloads it, this is very much trying to recapture what I had done before.

"A New Invention" was for a long time abandoned and forgotten about but finally released in 2021 and added to the album where it might had been had I chosen to release it at the time I made it. It's a bit different to other tracks as it was intended to represent some new kind of technology or machinery discovered by the crew of the Reverence, which is why it has a more industrial sound to it, as if to represent large machinery of a factory or some kind of device that has a repetitive sound or motion as it works.

"Just Another Day" was, like the previous track, lost and forgotten until I recently found it, half finished amongst my files. I brought out an old laptop from storage that still runs all the software I used to use for the first three albums, after loading it up, I attempted to finish it, to be honest it's not my finest work but at this point I wasn't really too bothered about going back and using my old software again.

From this point on, unless I decide to go back for nostalgia's sake or for specific sounds, I have for the most part left behind the software that I used to use and have moved onto something newer, something that actually works on my current PC and because of this, all the music from "Desert Dunes" the next Planet Fall album after the one mentioned in this blog post, "The Great Beyond" which I've yet to release and the Nightmist album, which I will be discussing in not the next blog post, but the one after, all sound different and possibly all future releases will as well.

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