Planet Fall

Next Level

The second album was called "Next Level" a simple name I chose to represent that the story of the A.N.V. Reverence ,as I mentioned in my last post, was moving onto a new phase. Whereas in the first album, the ship is leaving Earth and heading out on a journey to the Triangulum galaxy, this album represents arriving in the new galaxy and exploring it. The album was made and originally released in 2011.

The first track, "Phase I Complete" is about the the ship having completed the Milky Way leg of the journey and made it's way across the vast distance to the Triangulum galaxy, the fast pace of the track is to represent the speed of the journey, travelling at faster than light. At one point in the track, everything comes to a halt, this is the point that the ship arrives in the Triangulum galaxy and has to get it's bearings before continuing on.

The second track on the album is called "Still Alive", it is the longest Planet Fall track at just over ten minutes long. This track represents the ship and the crew having made it safely to Triangulum and in one piece. As for why it's so long, I have no idea, it's just the way it came out, maybe I got a little excited and went overboard with it, who knows lol.

The next track is "On Course", this is one of my least favourite tracks, I'll be honest, it's a filler, I always felt like it was rushed and only really released to make up the numbers on the album. 

"Taroth" comes up next and is the only track who's name requires a little explanation. Within the sci-fi universe that I've created/still creating, Taroth is a planet in the Triangulum galaxy, it was home to one of the older, more advanced civilisations in the galaxy, but which has since been abandoned due to some kind of environmental or man-made disaster. The crew of the Reverence explore the planet and this track represents that. I tired to bring about a lively track that has a little mystery to it with unusual sounds. It is one of my favourite tracks from the second album.

"The Long Haul" is the second to last track, it features a slower pace to many of the tracks and uses a ponderous beat to convey the fact that the journey is not a quick one and that travelling through space, going from one galaxy to another and exploring worlds, is a time consuming endeavour. This is one of the tracks that sometimes I live and other times I dislike. I used slightly different software to make this one.

"Still Reverent" is the final track on the album and represents the ship and crew once more as they continue their journey, elements from "Reverence" were included to tie the two albums together.

Up next is "Phase-III Engage!" the 2018 album that until recently, was just two tracks.

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