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New Year New Beginnings

Welcome to the new look Planet Fall website, it's been a while since this site has been up and running, the hosting package expired five years ago now and I even let go of the domain name as well, while trying to cut back on my expenditure as much as I could to give myself more money to put towards paying for a trip to Japan and then later on, other holidays and other countries in the years that followed.

In recent times I had been thinking about the music that I made, starting back in 2008, and after listening to one of my tracks again for the first time in ages, I decided to update a few things on the Facebook page, some new pictures, updated details, and then onto ReverbNation to do pretty much the same, along with making sure all the tracks were available there as they were on Youtube.

What with spending time updating and generally tidying up the Planet Fall profile across the various sites and listening to a few more tracks as I did, I decided that I wanted to make more.

The software that I had been using back in 2018 when I last made any tracks no longer works on my current PC (a Windows update may have killed it off), I can still use it on an old Windows Vista laptop that I have lying around, as I believe I can with all the old music software I've used since 2008 to make the Planet Fall tracks (three different arrangement programs were used prior to the latest releases) but it's a hassle to get the laptop out every time I want to make something so I decided to look at alternatives for now, at least until I can get it working again on my main PC.

The new software I acquired is very much like the one I had before so it's been an easy job getting into it and making something. In the last four days I've made six tracks that have already gone up on ReverbNation and now SoundCloud as well, which I've had an account on for a while but never used until this week.

With new tracks out and more to follow no doubt, I felt it was time to bring back the website. I took a look at the original one, I kept the files and I always liked it, it was simple, looked good in my opinion, but it was made mostly in Adobe Flash, which at the time, I was using at lot at college. Flash is a bit rubbish these days and so I chose to go a different route. As of writing this site is largely up and running, I used a template to be honest, but it looks so close to what I had planned out in Photoshop that I decided against making it from scratch myself, which I could have done as IT and web design was what I did in my college days, but the extra work was not worth it when I could do almost exactly what I wanted with the template I chose. 

Buying a hosting package and getting the old domain name back, coupled with what I spent on new software to make the music, it's money I'll never get back, I don't have any expectations of making anything from my music, ever, sure if someone buys it on ReverbNation, nice, but in the years since it's been on there, nobody ever has. At the end of the day, as I already said earlier in this post, I do this for fun, so really, the only thing I care about is that I enjoy making the music, if somebody, anybody else listens to it and enjoys it too, that's an awesome bonus.


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