Planet Fall

Desert Dunes

"Desert Dunes" is the fourth Planet Fall album overall and the first one released in 2021 and the first since 2018. It was made using different software to previous albums and that is the primary reason why things not only sound different now, but how and why we are going to be able to explore some new musical styles.

Ever since my college days, when I first discovered music from the middle-east and north Africa, I've had an interest in the sounds and styles of the various countries in those regions. The music I listened to was largely from Algeria and Lebanon but also from a few other, neighbouring countries like Morocco and Egypt, I liked the different instruments that I heard on some of the tracks and when I came across a sample loop pack featuring similar sounds, I decided to get it. I purchased two packs with a commercial license and set about making some tracks inspired by what I had heard.

Although the music is largely inspired by my own interest in music from countries like Algeria and Lebanon, I like to think of the album as the crew of the Reverence from the previous albums, exploring some kind of desert world along their journey. That being said, this album represents a departure from the previous ones in more than just the music, it's also the first one to not feature a planet with an approaching comet in the artwork, though the Planet Fall and album names still retains the same font from the previous releases.

Like the previous album which now features four tracks as of this year, "Desert Dunes" also features four tracks, though there is the possibility that it may be increased in the coming days as I'm still experimenting with the middle-eastern sound packs so maybe another track or two will come of it, who knows. I would like to make more and perhaps match the first or second album for track numbers.

Of all the tracks on this album, "Desert Dunes" is probably the most like my previous work, I tried to make something that sounded familiar to my previous work, while incorporating some of the middle-eastern sounds from that packs I bought.

"Desert March" begins the move away from the old style and is a short and simple track that incorporates more of the middle-eastern sounds. I like to think of this track as being one where the locals on the desert world are leading the crew of the Reverence across the desert to their home town or city.

"Desert Oasis" represents probably the biggest departures I've made from my earlier work, it retains little of the sounds of old and ventures more towards what I've discovered from listening to Algerian music, specifically the more traditional elements from the works of Khaled, Rachid Taha and Faudel and ultra specifically, some of the backing music from their 1, 2, 3, Soleils concert together.

"Desert Kingdom" is my favourite track from this album, I really like the combination of drums and percussion that I picked for this one, along with the melody which is reminiscent of movies featuring Egypt, the middle-east and/or desert lands.

While there is the possibility for more tracks coming to the "Desert Dunes" album, for now, the next blog post will be the Nightmist album, after that I'll be talking about the forthcoming album "The Great Beyond".

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