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Desert Dunes

"Desert Dunes" is the fourth Planet Fall album overall and the first one released in 2021 and the first since 2018. It was made using different software to previous albums and that is the primary reason why things not only sound different now, but how and why we are going to be able to explore some …

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Phase-III Engage!

The first album "Planet Fall" was started late in 2008 and finished in 2009, the second album "Next Level" started out in 2010 and was completed in 2011. This album, "Phase-III Engage!" was not created until 2018, a good number of years later. For those years in between releases, I had lost interest…

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Next Level

The second album was called "Next Level" a simple name I chose to represent that the story of the A.N.V. Reverence ,as I mentioned in my last post, was moving onto a new phase. Whereas in the first album, the ship is leaving Earth and heading out on a journey to the Triangulum galaxy, this album rep…

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The First Album

Magnetic Levitation

So as you know, because I've repeated it numerous times across this site and our profiles around the web, three tracks were created under the name of Nightmist and these later became the last three tracks on the self-titled Planet Fall album, my first album. Originally however…

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The Original Three

So as you will no doubt have seen if you've ever read the about page/description on Facebook, Youtube, ReverbNation, SoundCloud or even this website, Planet Fall started out under the name Nightmist, back then I created three tracks, 'Alone', 'Void Walker' and 'Continue' and these would later appear…

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Starting Out

So how did I first get started with Planet Fall?

As you may have seen either on this site or on one of our profiles around the web, I created the first track back in 2008. The track was called 'Alone' and I released it on Youtube under the name of Nightmist. Early in 2009 two more tracks followed…

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New Year New Beginnings

Welcome to the new look Planet Fall website, it's been a while since this site has been up and running, the hosting package expired five years ago now and I even let go of the domain name as well, while trying to cut back on my expenditure as much as I could to give myself more money to put towards …

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