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Desert Dunes

"Desert Dunes" is the fourth Planet Fall album overall and the first one released in 2021 and the first since 2018. It was made using different software to previous albums and that is the primary reason why things not only sound different now, but how and why we are going to be able to explore some new musical styles.

Ever since my college days, when I first discovered music from the middle-east and north Africa, I've had an interest in the sounds and styles of the various countries in those regions. The music I listened to was largely from Algeria and Lebanon but also from a few other, neighbouring countries like Morocco and Egypt, I liked the different instruments that I heard on some of the tracks and when I came across a sample loop pack featuring similar sounds, I decided to get it. I purchased two packs with a commercial license and set about making some tracks inspired by what I had heard.

Although the music is largely inspired by my own interest in music from countries like Algeria and Lebanon, I like to think of the album as the crew of the Reverence from the previous albums, exploring some kind of desert world along their journey. That being said, this album represents a departure from the previous ones in more than just the music, it's also the first one to not feature a planet with an approaching comet in the artwork, though the Planet Fall and album names still retains the same font from the previous releases.

Like the previous album which now features four tracks as of this year, "Desert Dunes" also features four tracks, though there is the possibility that it may be increased in the coming days as I'm still experimenting with the middle-eastern sound packs so maybe another track or two will come of it, who knows. I would like to make more and perhaps match the first or second album for track numbers.

Of all the tracks on this album, "Desert Dunes" is probably the most like my previous work, I tried to make something that sounded familiar to my previous work, while incorporating some of the middle-eastern sounds from that packs I bought.

"Desert March" begins the move away from the old style and is a short and simple track that incorporates more of the middle-eastern sounds. I like to think of this track as being one where the locals on the desert world are leading the crew of the Reverence across the desert to their home town or city.

"Desert Oasis" represents probably the biggest departures I've made from my earlier work, it retains little of the sounds of old and ventures more towards what I've discovered from listening to Algerian music, specifically the more traditional elements from the works of Khaled, Rachid Taha and Faudel and ultra specifically, some of the backing music from their 1, 2, 3, Soleils concert together.

"Desert Kingdom" is my favourite track from this album, I really like the combination of drums and percussion that I picked for this one, along with the melody which is reminiscent of movies featuring Egypt, the middle-east and/or desert lands.

While there is the possibility for more tracks coming to the "Desert Dunes" album, for now, the next blog post will be the Nightmist album, after that I'll be talking about the forthcoming album "The Great Beyond".

Phase-III Engage!

The first album "Planet Fall" was started late in 2008 and finished in 2009, the second album "Next Level" started out in 2010 and was completed in 2011. This album, "Phase-III Engage!" was not created until 2018, a good number of years later. For those years in between releases, I had lost interest in making new music but on a whim I went back to my old software and came up with two new tracks, they were released onto Youtube at the time but that was it until 2021 when I found a completed but rejected track and a partially complete one. I decided to quickly finish the incomplete one and then released both onto the various sites that our music can be found.

"Renew" is the first track on this album, the track doesn't really offer anything particularly new but represents my own renewed, albeit briefly, interest in making music. This track doesn't really have much relation to the story that I was trying to convey with the earlier music, other than that the mission is still on, kind of like how a TV show might get renewed for another season.

"Refresh" is probably my favourite track from this album, it is the closest to my earlier work that this album gets and it even incorporates a few samples that I used in earlier tracks. The idea behind this track is not to offer something new and refreshing but instead treats the name as being like when you hit the refresh button on a website and it reloads it, this is very much trying to recapture what I had done before.

"A New Invention" was for a long time abandoned and forgotten about but finally released in 2021 and added to the album where it might had been had I chosen to release it at the time I made it. It's a bit different to other tracks as it was intended to represent some new kind of technology or machinery discovered by the crew of the Reverence, which is why it has a more industrial sound to it, as if to represent large machinery of a factory or some kind of device that has a repetitive sound or motion as it works.

"Just Another Day" was, like the previous track, lost and forgotten until I recently found it, half finished amongst my files. I brought out an old laptop from storage that still runs all the software I used to use for the first three albums, after loading it up, I attempted to finish it, to be honest it's not my finest work but at this point I wasn't really too bothered about going back and using my old software again.

From this point on, unless I decide to go back for nostalgia's sake or for specific sounds, I have for the most part left behind the software that I used to use and have moved onto something newer, something that actually works on my current PC and because of this, all the music from "Desert Dunes" the next Planet Fall album after the one mentioned in this blog post, "The Great Beyond" which I've yet to release and the Nightmist album, which I will be discussing in not the next blog post, but the one after, all sound different and possibly all future releases will as well.

Next Level

The second album was called "Next Level" a simple name I chose to represent that the story of the A.N.V. Reverence ,as I mentioned in my last post, was moving onto a new phase. Whereas in the first album, the ship is leaving Earth and heading out on a journey to the Triangulum galaxy, this album represents arriving in the new galaxy and exploring it. The album was made and originally released in 2011.

The first track, "Phase I Complete" is about the the ship having completed the Milky Way leg of the journey and made it's way across the vast distance to the Triangulum galaxy, the fast pace of the track is to represent the speed of the journey, travelling at faster than light. At one point in the track, everything comes to a halt, this is the point that the ship arrives in the Triangulum galaxy and has to get it's bearings before continuing on.

The second track on the album is called "Still Alive", it is the longest Planet Fall track at just over ten minutes long. This track represents the ship and the crew having made it safely to Triangulum and in one piece. As for why it's so long, I have no idea, it's just the way it came out, maybe I got a little excited and went overboard with it, who knows lol.

The next track is "On Course", this is one of my least favourite tracks, I'll be honest, it's a filler, I always felt like it was rushed and only really released to make up the numbers on the album. 

"Taroth" comes up next and is the only track who's name requires a little explanation. Within the sci-fi universe that I've created/still creating, Taroth is a planet in the Triangulum galaxy, it was home to one of the older, more advanced civilisations in the galaxy, but which has since been abandoned due to some kind of environmental or man-made disaster. The crew of the Reverence explore the planet and this track represents that. I tired to bring about a lively track that has a little mystery to it with unusual sounds. It is one of my favourite tracks from the second album.

"The Long Haul" is the second to last track, it features a slower pace to many of the tracks and uses a ponderous beat to convey the fact that the journey is not a quick one and that travelling through space, going from one galaxy to another and exploring worlds, is a time consuming endeavour. This is one of the tracks that sometimes I live and other times I dislike. I used slightly different software to make this one.

"Still Reverent" is the final track on the album and represents the ship and crew once more as they continue their journey, elements from "Reverence" were included to tie the two albums together.

Up next is "Phase-III Engage!" the 2018 album that until recently, was just two tracks.

The First Album

Magnetic Levitation

So as you know, because I've repeated it numerous times across this site and our profiles around the web, three tracks were created under the name of Nightmist and these later became the last three tracks on the self-titled Planet Fall album, my first album. Originally however, before switching the name from Nightmist to Planet Fall, the album was intended to be called "Magnetic Levitation" and even after the switch, the album name stuck around for a while, before eventually being named "Planet Fall", though if you look on our Youtube channel, I believe there are traces of the original album name in the artwork.


Change of Name/Change of Theme

Prior to becoming Planet Fall, there was no real theme to the music, it was only with the creation of the track "The Launch" that I adopted the sci-fi theme, the theme continues throughout our music, though there is a certain amount of context to the music that only I know about, though this blog I am aiming to pass on a little of that context.

So what is our music about? What is the context?

In the time that I have been creating the Planet Fall / Nightmist music, I have also trying to create my own science fiction universe. That might sound like a tall order and it is to be honest, It's all unpublished and nowhere near finished despite the fact that I have been working on it for over a decade. This sci-fi universe started out when I created a series of eight short films using a video game called "The Movies". I found that there were certain things that I wanted to do in the films, certain scenes, stories that I wanted to tell that were just not feasible within the framework of the game that allowed you to make them, so I started writing down my ideas. Eventually I thought about turning the films in short-stories and then using my other ideas to expand the overall story. In the end I realised that I could use the written format to do literally anything I wanted and at that point things started getting tough, I simply had too many ideas and what was originally going to be the eight short films to be turned into short-stories with a couple of new stories added in, is now twenty two stories. Many of the stories are still just concepts and are yet to be written but a couple are complete and a number of them are quite far in, to the point that they're more novellas than simply short-stories.

So where does the music come in?

If you ignore the last three tracks from the first album, the music is about a ship launched from Earth, the ship is called the A.N.V. Reverence, it's roughly akin to say the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek, going out and exploring deep space. Within my sci-fi universe, the ship and it's journey comes from a story idea I had that has yet to be written into anything meaningful. The basic premise for the story is that Earth sends out a ship to explore the Triangulum galaxy and the music represents that journey and some of the events that take place along the way.

The first track represents the ships launch, naturally so given the name of the track is called "The Launch" (I'm not so good at picking names for tracks). After the launch of the vessel, the second track, called "The Journey" represents... you guessed it, the journey of the ship as it heads away from Earth. "New Worlds" is the third track, this represents the vessel exploring planets along the way to where it's going. Within the context of my sci-fi universe, the planet in the third track was just some unnamed world on the edge of Earth's territory, I never put a lot of thought into the details of the track other than it was somewhere just outside of Earth's space. The final track is "Reverence", this is simply to represent the ship as it ventures out into the great unknown.

The story of the A.N.V. Reverence continues in the second album "Next Level" which I will talk about in my next blog post.

The Original Three

So as you will no doubt have seen if you've ever read the about page/description on Facebook, Youtube, ReverbNation, SoundCloud or even this website, Planet Fall started out under the name Nightmist, back then I created three tracks, 'Alone', 'Void Walker' and 'Continue' and these would later appear as the final three tracks on what is now the first album.

If you listen to these tracks and then listen to any of the other four from the first album, they are quite different. The first difference is that they were created using different software, the second difference is that in the first three tracks, each audio sample is present in only one layer where as in later tracks, I tended to use between two and four layers of each sound as it made the tracks much clearer. The final difference is that these three tracks were heavily modified in Adobe Soundbooth with extensive use of effects to increase the loudness, add distortion and to emphasise certain sounds over others but after these three tracks were created, I tended to do this to a lesser extent. Until recently I thought the original unmastered files were lost to time/history but I found them on an old laptop so I can potentially remaster them, which is something I am considering doing as I have more experience now with Soundbooth and I believe I could improve these tracks, especially "Alone" and "Void Walker" which are the worst sounding of all my track in regards to sound quality.

Anyway so onto the original three tracks and what I can say about them individually.


Back in late 2008 when I first made this track, I had spent very little time working with music arrangement software and it was my first time playing around with Soundbooth so I think that shows in this and the other two tracks that immediately followed.

The idea behind the track, the inspiration, was the video game Streets of Rage on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis for the US readers). I wanted to make a track that wouldn't sound out of place as level music in the game. The basic tune repeats throughout most of the track much like how the game level music is largely repetitive, but towards the end, things change up and become more dramatic, much like how the game would go from the normal scrolling beat 'em up style level  to the more static boss fights at the end.

Generally speaking, I like this track in terms of the beat and tune but my only issue with it is to do with the quality of the mastering, but this was an attempt to make the track more pronounced due to it being very quiet in it's unedited form.

"Void Walker"

This track didn't really have a specific inspiration like the first track but it was more a case of seeing what I could do. The name of the track might seem a little random, but I thought of the track being about a person who travels between dimensions, the main tune appears three times in the track and there are two sections in between that are a little weird and could be the inter-dimensional travel. Back when these three tracks were created, there was no recurring theme to the music so these tracks have little to no relation to each other or later ones. Currently, one of the main things I don't like about the track is the level of distortion, but when I made it, that part was intentional to make it more in your face and grating, looking to the original file which lacks the distortion, I could remaster in a different way it but I'm not sure what I would change this time around.


The final of the original three is "Continue". For a long time, this was one of my least favourite tracks overall, but at the same time, contained one of my favourite sections from any of the tracks that I've made, that section in question is the end of the track, the last one minute and twelve seconds. My main gripe about this track is that until the end, the track is rather repetitive, though in recent weeks I've found that I do quite like the earlier part, even if it is repetitive, I just wish I'd added a bit more variance in it other than just in the vocal part.

So that's a little bit about the earliest tracks, in time I'll try to talk about the rest.

Starting Out

So how did I first get started with Planet Fall?

As you may have seen either on this site or on one of our profiles around the web, I created the first track back in 2008. The track was called 'Alone' and I released it on Youtube under the name of Nightmist. Early in 2009 two more tracks followed under the Nightmist name and later that year a whole album came about and the name changed to Planet Fall. That was the start of Planet Fall as it is now, but it was not how I got into making electronic music, that story lies years earlier when I was at school.

I was never musically gifted, I hated music lessons, I was not very good at playing any instruments though I did attempt learning a few over the years, I played the recorder a little at school, not sure how I was talked into doing that but I was, later in life I bought a keyboard and two guitars (one bass and the other a normal electric one) I had a go with all of them but I just don't have the patience to stick with things like that so they never lead anywhere. What I did like doing however, was playing around with a little piece of software called Ejay.

Back in school, I was given a CD at some point and it had a demo of Ejay on it. Back then I never made anything remotely palatable to the human ear but I did like the freedom to make whatever I wanted with it (within the confines of the types of music you can actually make with Ejay).

Later on I bought several more up to date versions of Ejay, tried similar music arrangement software from other companies and extra sound packs and here we are today, still going, albeit with some sizable gaps in the releases.

New Year New Beginnings

Welcome to the new look Planet Fall website, it's been a while since this site has been up and running, the hosting package expired five years ago now and I even let go of the domain name as well, while trying to cut back on my expenditure as much as I could to give myself more money to put towards paying for a trip to Japan and then later on, other holidays and other countries in the years that followed.

In recent times I had been thinking about the music that I made, starting back in 2008, and after listening to one of my tracks again for the first time in ages, I decided to update a few things on the Facebook page, some new pictures, updated details, and then onto ReverbNation to do pretty much the same, along with making sure all the tracks were available there as they were on Youtube.

What with spending time updating and generally tidying up the Planet Fall profile across the various sites and listening to a few more tracks as I did, I decided that I wanted to make more.

The software that I had been using back in 2018 when I last made any tracks no longer works on my current PC (a Windows update may have killed it off), I can still use it on an old Windows Vista laptop that I have lying around, as I believe I can with all the old music software I've used since 2008 to make the Planet Fall tracks (three different arrangement programs were used prior to the latest releases) but it's a hassle to get the laptop out every time I want to make something so I decided to look at alternatives for now, at least until I can get it working again on my main PC.

The new software I acquired is very much like the one I had before so it's been an easy job getting into it and making something. In the last four days I've made six tracks that have already gone up on ReverbNation and now SoundCloud as well, which I've had an account on for a while but never used until this week.

With new tracks out and more to follow no doubt, I felt it was time to bring back the website. I took a look at the original one, I kept the files and I always liked it, it was simple, looked good in my opinion, but it was made mostly in Adobe Flash, which at the time, I was using at lot at college. Flash is a bit rubbish these days and so I chose to go a different route. As of writing this site is largely up and running, I used a template to be honest, but it looks so close to what I had planned out in Photoshop that I decided against making it from scratch myself, which I could have done as IT and web design was what I did in my college days, but the extra work was not worth it when I could do almost exactly what I wanted with the template I chose. 

Buying a hosting package and getting the old domain name back, coupled with what I spent on new software to make the music, it's money I'll never get back, I don't have any expectations of making anything from my music, ever, sure if someone buys it on ReverbNation, nice, but in the years since it's been on there, nobody ever has. At the end of the day, as I already said earlier in this post, I do this for fun, so really, the only thing I care about is that I enjoy making the music, if somebody, anybody else listens to it and enjoys it too, that's an awesome bonus.





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