Planet Fall

About Planet Fall

Formed in 2008 by Simon Peter Spencer as a personal project in electronic music, Planet Fall was initially known as Nightmist but after creating the first three tracks under that name, it was decided that there would be a slight change of direction and with this came the name change to Planet Fall.


All Planet Fall's music is created on a PC using a combination of several music arranging programs and Adobe Soundbooth. The music generally fits into the electronica genre though recent tracks have seen some experimentation with different sounds, which have given them a middle-eastern/north African feel. In the future other sounds and styles may well find there way into Planet Fall's music.


As of 2021, the original Nightmist name has returned in the form of a side project of sorts, the new Nightmist music is not quite as it was once was when the original three tracks were created, but it will provide an outlet for tracks that don't fit well with the main project's style. Right now, the first three new Nightmist tracks are available to listen to on our SoundCloud and ReverbNation pages.